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Recruiting the right talent can be a complex journey. With Validitas Bonafid, PT, it becomes a seamless voyage marked by quality, integrity, and targeted success. Together, we’ll navigate the extensive landscape of hospitality and maritime industries to find the perfect fit for your company’s needs.

Boris Asman


Boris Asman

Why Partner with Validitas Bonafid?

Reputation and Compliance

 Leveraging our MLC 2006 certification and governmental recognitions, we ensure credible and legal recruitment processes.

Specialized Expertise

We offer targeted recruitment for the maritime and hotelier sectors, aligning with your unique requirements.

Global Reach

Our extensive network with partners across the USA, Europe, and Asia opens up a world of talented professionals.

Commitment to Excellence

Our dedication to quality and precision ensures that you receive candidates that fit your exact needs and exceed expectations.

Empowering Your Business with Specialized Talent in Hospitality and Maritime Industries

At Validitas Bonafid, PT, we specialize in matching your business with top talents in the hospitality and maritime sectors. From kitchen operations to ship navigation, our expert recruitment ensures the right fit for your unique needs. Experience the synergy of perfect alignment with our tailored services.

Hotel Department Positions

Providing Elite Professionals in Hospitality, from Culinary Arts to Guest Services.

Galley Personnel & Food Preparation

Specialized Talent in Kitchen Management, Cooking, Pastry & Bakery Creation.

Deck & Engine Department Positions

Expert Seafaring Personnel, including Seamen, Officers, and Navigational Staff.

Technical and Specialized Roles

Versatile Candidates in Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, and More for Ship Maintenance.

Key Services for Your Company

Tailored Recruitment Solutions

Find the right talent in the hotelier and maritime sectors through our specialized recruitment processes.

Smooth Onboarding Assistance

We handle all documentation and visa processes for a smooth transition and integration into your organization.

Customized Orientation Programs

We design orientation programs to help new hires quickly adapt to your company culture and roles.

Skill Enhancement through our Hospitality Training Center

Ensure recruits have industry-specific training, enhancing their productivity and alignment with your company's standards.

Precise Job Matching

Our detailed job matching ensures the candidates' skills align perfectly with your company's goals.

Talent Retention and Development Programs

Optimize the performance and satisfaction of your team with our personalized retention strategies and professional development programs.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Marketing Agent

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Richerd Doe

Travel Agent

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Experience the Validitas Bonafid Advantage

Driven by our core values of trust, quality, accountability, and innovation, we aspire to be Asia’s leading Recruitment, Placement, Consultancy, and Hospitality Training Center.

From sourcing the best culinary talents for top restaurants to hiring skilled seamen for global cruise liners, partnering with Validitas Bonafid, PT means more than fulfilling vacancies – it’s about crafting a legacy of success.

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