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Validitas Bonafid, PT is a legally and reputable Recruitment & Manning Agency located in Indonesia. Our focus lies in the hiring of professional Hoteliers and qualified crew members based on their field of expertise. Holding the Certification of Seafarer Manning Office awarded by BUREAU VERITAS, we are MLC 2006 Certified, aligning ourselves with stringent regulations to offer top-tier recruitment solutions.

Unmatched Excellence in Hospitality Recruitment: Our Commitment to Your Success

Choosing Validitas Bonafid, PT is choosing unparalleled expertise and dedication. Join hands with us, and see the difference that professionalism and precision can make in your hiring process.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Trust & Integrity

At Validitas Bonafid, PT, trust and integrity form the bedrock of our relationships with clients and employees alike. We uphold transparent practices and ethical standards, ensuring you can always count on us to deliver on our promises.

Quality & Excellence

Our commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in every recruitment process we undertake. From selecting top-tier candidates to providing exceptional training, we strive for nothing less than the best, setting new industry standards.


We take full responsibility for our actions and the results they yield. By fostering consistent collaboration within our team and with our clients, we ensure a seamless, efficient recruitment process that meets and exceeds expectations.


At the heart of our operations is an unwavering dedication to service. We believe in going the extra mile to satisfy our clients’ unique needs, providing personalized support, and creating valuable, lasting relationships that stand the test of time.

Reason For Choosing Our Recruitment Services

MLC 2006 Certified

 Ensuring compliance with regulations to provide you with the most qualified and competent candidates.

Hospitality Training Centre:

Offering unparalleled professional certification and training to enhance workers’ abilities in the hospitality field.

Multi-National Workforce

Expertise in recruiting from a vast talent pool to match the diverse needs of the Cruise Industry.

Reliability & Integrity

Recognized for our steadfast commitment to meeting and exceeding your requirements.

We Prepare An Effective Business Strategy For Companies


To be one of the best trusted Recruitment & Placement Service Company, Consultant, and Hospitality Training Center in Asia, through unwavering customer satisfaction.


To ensure all clients are totally satisfied by the services provided, and to constantly improve and develop the high standard of our services.